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Glamping Tent Hire Packages

If you’re looking for event, function or wedding glamping tent hire to provide ideal on-site accommodation in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba, you’ve come to the right place. At Bell Tent Hire Co, we go out of our way to create the ideal glamping South East QLD experience that will turn any non-camper into a convert. We offer bell tent hire prices to suit all budgets. Whatever glamping means to you, we’re bound to have packages, tents, and accessories to suit the vision you’ve imagined.

Our Packages

Every package is available for all tent sizes we offer.


Our starter package for those who would prefer to go it alone. We provide the tents only, fully erected on site for you to furnish as you wish.


Our silver package includes the tents complete with air mattresses and floor mats. Bring your own sleeping bags and bedding, and you’re ready to go.


Our gold package is the no-fuss option. Tent, air mattress, linen, doona, blankets, pillows, cushions, chair and side table, as well as LED lantern and floor mats to make you really feel at home.

Glamping Tent Hire

All our bell glamping tents for hire are a canvas and cotton blend made to the highest quality and look amazing while also keeping you comfortable and dry inside, no matter what the weather may be like outside. All our tent rentals come with a heavy duty zipped-in groundsheet. This is protected by a storm flap which ensures the tent is 100% waterproof. On hot days simply unzip the groundsheet and roll up the walls to transform the bell into a giant sunshade and let the cool breeze flow throughout. Our range of 4.5-meter tents also have zipped in mesh walls and doors to allow the breeze to flow through while also stopping bugs. There is a minimum of three zipped windows and three air vents at the top of each bell, all fitted with fly mesh to keep the creepy crawlies out, and to keep you cool on those warmer nights.

3 Metre Bell Tents

Cozy and comfy, this is our smallest tent, perfect for one person. Two metres tall at its centre, with a 1.2 metre entrance. The SILVER and GOLD Package 3 metre Bell Tents are set up with 1 Single size mattress. Please note: due to the centre pole, a Queen size mattress will not fit in a 3mtr Bell Tent

3 Metre Bell Tent Hire Prices

3 metre BRONZE

  • First night  $110.00
  • Second night  $70.00
  • Subsequent nights  $40.00

3 metre SILVER

  • First night  $130.00
  • Second night  $80.00
  • Subsequent nights  $45.00

3 metre GOLD

  • First night  $180.00
  • Second night  $90.00
  • Subsequent nights  $60.00

4 Metre Bell Tents

Perfect size for two or three people. The tents are 2.5 metres at the centre, with a 1.4 metre entrance.  The SILVER and GOLD Package 4 metre Bell Tents are set up with 1 Queen size mattress

4 Metre Bell Tent Hire Prices

4 metre BRONZE

  • First night  $150.00
  • Second night  $90.00
  • Subsequent nights  $45.00

4 metre SILVER

  • First night  $170.00
  • Second night  $100.00
  • Subsequent nights  $50.00

4 metre GOLD

  • First night  $250.00
  • Second night  $120.00
  • Subsequent nights  $80.00

4.5 Metre Bell Tents

Ideal for 2 or 3 people with a little more wiggle room. These have the addition of zipped in mesh walls and door to allow the breeze while stopping the bugs.  The SILVER and GOLD Package 4.5 metre Bell Tents are set up with 1 Queen size mattress

4.5 Metre Bell Tent Hire Prices

4.5 metre BRONZE

  • First night  $170.00
  • Second night  $100.00
  • Subsequent nights  $45.00

4.5 metre SILVER

  • First night  $195.00
  • Second night  $110.00
  • Subsequent nights  $55.00

4.5 metre GOLD

  • First night  $305.00
  • Second night  $145.00
  • Subsequent nights  $90.00

5 Metre Bell Tents

The 5 metre bell is perfect for 4  guests. It stands 3 metres tall at the centre with a 1.75 metre high entrance.  The SILVER and GOLD Package 5 metre Bell Tents are set up with 2 Queen size mattresses

5 Metre Bell Tent Hire Prices

5 metre BRONZE

  • First night  $190.00
  • Second night  $110.00
  • Subsequent nights  $50.00

5 metre SILVER

  • First night  $220.00
  • Second night  $120.00
  • Subsequent nights  $60.00

5 metre GOLD

  • First night  $360.00
  • Second night  $170.00
  • Subsequent nights  $100.00


We are based in the Brisbane city area, but we are more than happy to travel to northern NSW and throughout south-east Queensland to meet your needs. Travel fees are included for a hire of 5 tent rentals or more within a 200km radius of Brisbane city centre. For bookings under 5 bell tents, travel costs will be calculated per kilometre of travel. Looking for longer tent hire in Brisbane and surrounding areas? Get in contact for special weekly rates and longer hire package deals.

Bell Glamping Tent Hire Extras and Accessories

Think a few extras could help make your experience everything you’re looking for? We can help! Additional Single Mattress (no linen):  $30 Additional Single Mattress incl linen:  $40 Additional Queen Mattress (no linen):  $60 Additional Queen Mattress incl linen:  $70 Tie in Mesh Walls to allow the breeze but stop the bugs:  $35 Tie in Mesh Door to allow the breeze but stop the bugs:  $25 Tie in Mesh Walls & Door to allow the breeze but stop the bugs:  $50

How to Receive a Glamping Tent Hire Quote

Ready to make a glamping tent hire enquiry with us?

Please contact us with your full glamping South East QLD tent hire requirements to receive a detailed quote. Whether you make your enquiry by email or over the phone, please include the following information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

Number of tent rentals

Package preference

Set up location

Hire dates and duration

Glamping Tent Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba

At the Bell Tent Hire Co, we’ve made glamping tent hire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba wide easier than ever. With a range of packages and tent sizes on offer along with a range of extras, we’re able to come up with the perfect glamping solution to suit your needs and budget. Call  0431 330 800 or head over to our contact us page to find out more about our tent hire packages.